These three videos below are all videos of work I did to try and get a job, (what sort of a loon does that?). Unfortunately the job didn’t happen but it ended up being a good learning curve. Should anyone want something ‘different’, I could now definitely work out how to do it.

Video 1 – Flounder

My first attempt to do an ‘Underwater Moving Thing’. I was looking for a ‘fish like’ motion that was light and wearable and left the actors, (David Knox) face open!

Video 2 – Flotsam, (or Jetsum)

Ursula’s villainous side kick from ‘The Little Mermaid’. I tried several variations on this idea, again just to see if I could. The jaw is a separate piece that moves if you sing or speak and it’s me wearing it. This is a different make-up from the still in the Misc Gallery … more of the face is visible.

Video 3 – Ursula

The fabulous Nicola Wellbourne being Ursula, (from ‘The Little Mermaid’). The challenge was ‘Ursula Under Water’, so I wanted something that would move, and yet still go back into her very recognisable hairstyle.