So this is what I did with the rest of Dec…it’s great being freelance, can hide at home when the weather is crap…and make things. I was only going to hire some wigs out to..someone – and she liked them so much she asked me to make her some more…and then,..could I do some hair or ornaments….I got carried away with the ornaments….I feel January could be a very boring month.
Making wigs.
I also have to do my taxes.

So, here I am designing a movie…it’s a modern day piece, with Alison Steadman in the lead..I am not allowed to show pictures of the actual shoot ,..cause that would be bad,..but this is a pictures from the Radio Times of the leading lady….and I get to be called a designer…so I am calling it a win. If you want more details.. please contact me.

Alison Steadman

Finishing the year by designing a movie …ok it’s 8 days…But it does have Alison Steadman as the lead …and features dogs …lots of dogs. It’s not the much talked about prequel to 101 dalmations, Cruella… although if anyone wants to put me up for that…

Poldark 2018

Yayays… Poldark season four is on air…such fun, such great team,  all sorts of people came to help,..but for a lot of it, it was just me and Kelsey (Leigh Walker) prepping ourselves into a stupor…. it’s all about the ground work.

Poldark 2017

Clash of Futures finished. Poldark 4 turned up. I guess they liked what we did on Poldark 3. I got a new assistant, ( Poppy went to look after Caroline, a lead, so I got someone new, Kelsey, who had just finished doing amazing prosthetics on Relic) More locations, more rain, more making wigs, ( less prosthetics this time) but still a lovely chance to be creative. The montage is from Season 3, – can’t show you season 4, has not gone to air yet.