I am running crowd again….Another huge period tv thing…can’t share pictures yet…but Britannia, which I did last year is out, so I can show these. I am desperate to do something elegant – Britannia was anything but….the fake pooh ( made with coffee ) just cemented my dislike of the smell of instant coffee – but it looked good. We wove, we knotted, we made hair pieces, and we worked our socks off……another great team, ( some of whom are now with me on Spanish Princess…..

I treated myself to a weekend at Blakes…beautiful hotel….expensive but I had just sorted out ….an A listers wig for a …big movie…can’t really say what, but that’s the back of her head…and they wanted it in a hurry….hmm, ok.
This also lead to doing work on the film…lovely people, not my sort of work, tattoos and scars…but always good to learn. In the end I tinkered with 3 wigs….and made a permanent friend of  her American hair person…..

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I was asked to sort out a wig for a Cardiff  based tv series called the Light, ( later renamed the Accident) it was Babs Southcott,  a make up legend, who rang me…so off I went. She then asked me to help with filming in Cardiff…and why not. Doing Upstairs Downstairs  in Wales  is still one of my favourite memories – so I packed my bags and jumped into my new car – great fun…and I got to met the legend that is Russel T Davis…- who is a friend of Babs. And caught up with Adrian Scarborough,  Upstairs Downstairs unflappable butler Mr Pritchard, playing quite a different role in this….

And another show at the Royal Academy….a little bit more of a challenge….City of Angels, everyone has two characters, – one of whom is in a black and white movie.
Iver students again came galloping to the rescue….I teach there sometimes….loved the music, loved the show.

Melissa and I did about 10 seasons at Garsington, technically I was the boss…but I was always in awe of Melissa’s talent, grace under pressure and general all round wonderful ness….so it was nice to go back and visit the site and old friends….Great company, and a lovely location….opera voices will always be magical.

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Well summer has been about dailies and making things and …frankly, being lazy..and then a little design job…Royal Academy of Music,..the Wild Party….decadent 1920’s, made for me !..no budget to run it, but some lovely students from Iver academy at Pinewood did a splendid job running it.

A divine photo shoot with the incomparable Miss Diane Chorley, – at least I think she is a  Miss, she has a mysterious past. It was in a working hair salon , with a bar in the basement…I think modern saloons might be missing a trick.

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The work caught up with me….I had to do more..but actually I was quite pleased with the finished result….I made them so they over came the problem I always have getting things to stay attached/ pinned to a big powdered wig?…nothing ever wants to stay attached to a frame…
How did I do it ?..not telling. But it worked.
I also did some work on the 9th instalment of a BIG science fiction thing….cant say what it was,..I would probably get shot. But it’s got two words in the title..I couldn’t take picture either ..I would definitely have got shot.
Doing dailies is ok…and I am going to do some teaching…all in all not a bad way to spend Jan.
Ps I did my taxes.

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